California Gnatcatchers
Original Art by Holly Gray
Personally Customized Guide Service
Birding Southern California...and Beyond!
Updated April 7, 2015
Would you like to see the birds and wildlife of Southern California,
including the Greater Los Angeles area, with an acclaimed,
enthusiastic expert on the natural history of the region, at an
affordable price?  I offer customized, guided excursions for the
individual or group, which can be tailored for birders and nature
enthusiasts with any level of experience, and geared to any and all
comfort levels.
 Day, weekend or longer  tours
Transportation and airport pickup/drop off
Guided Excursions Custom-tailored for Birders and Nature Enthusiasts
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Birding is, by many accounts, the second most popular outdoor activity in the United States, and it is possible to spot more species in Southern
California than in all but
two states! There is always something of interest to see, whatever the season.  Are you planning a visit to the Los Angeles
area, Orange County, or other nearby counties?  Weekends, business trips, school breaks, holidays – all are Ideal times to embark on your very
own birding adventure.
How would you like to enrich your bird life list with species like Allen's Hummingbird, Spotted Dove, Mountain and California Quail, Western
and Island Scrub Jays, Wrentit, California Thrasher, and Oak Titmouse?  How about White-headed, Acorn and Nuttall's Woodpecker,
Red-breasted and Williamson's Sapsuckers, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, California Gnatcatcher, Tricolored Blackbird, Lawrence's and Lesser
Goldfinches and the Western/California species of loons, cormorants, rocky shorebirds (including tattlers, turnstones, and surfbirds),
near-shore shearwaters, gulls, terns, thrashers, warblers, towhees, and other residents and migrants?  Naturalized parrots, such as Mitered
and Yellow-chevroned Parakeets, and finches such as Nutmeg Mannikin and Orange Bishops are also on the list of birds you can see here in
Southern California. Let me know if you'd like to
book a trip; I'd be delighted to be your guide and help plan an itinerary and a time that works for you!